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What Is Parenting Time?

If you have recently moved from another state or haven't been around anyone who has gone through a divorce in Illinois for a few years, you might be unfamiliar with the term “parenting time.” In 2016, the state of Illinois updated the Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act with new terminology to refer to what used to be known as “custody” and “visitation.” These concepts are now referred to as “allocation of parenting time and responsibility.”

Why the change? These alterations were made to decrease the intensity of the disputes faced by parents who will not be living under the same roof. Instead of viewing the situation as one in which one parent wins while the other one loses a “custody battle,” the parents come out with a parenting plan that is designed to work best for all parties involved.

How a Parenting Plan Is Created

Parents who are involved in divorce proceedings or paternity cases are encouraged to reach an agreement on their own. Those who are successful will need to put the agreement into writing. This is known as a parenting plan. The parenting plan will determine which parent(s) will be making major decisions on behalf of the child, as well as a yearly schedule of the dates that each parent will have physical custody of the child.

However, if parents cannot agree on the allocation of parenting time and responsibility, the matter will be decided for them by the court in an allocation judgment. The court will consider several factors to determine an adequate parenting plan, ultimately revolving around the child's best interests.

These factors commonly include:

  • The age of the child
  • The living situation of each parent
  • The relationship between each parent and the child
  • The existence of domestic abuse or child neglect charges

This process may involve the court appointing an expert to evaluate the parents, children, and the living situation. The professional will then submit a report to the court with their recommendation. The parents will be required to attend a trial, in which they can present evidence supporting their position. The trial will conclude with a decision from the court regarding the allocation of parenting time and responsibility.

Once this decision has been made, the parties are expected to uphold the terms and conditions. Any attempt to alter the parenting plan without requesting a modification or ignoring the plan altogether could result in legal consequences.

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