10 Things You Should Do Before Talking to a Divorce Attorney Passionately Advocating for Your Best Interests

Making the decision to reach out to a divorce attorney requires a tremendous amount of strength and courage. You’ve tried therapy, discussions, family, and friends. Now it’s time to explore your legal options. You know this is not going to be easy. The emotional and physical strain will be difficult but you understand things must change. Before you take the next step, read every item on this list.

1. Activate and Accept Your Emotions

Your emotions are natural so accept them. Those feelings of grief, sadness, betrayal, and anger may be hard to ignore, but don’t let your emotions rule you. Accept the situation for what it is and focus on your objectives.

2. Identify Your Objectives

Don’t let anger and hostility change your objectives or get you off track. Take time to consider what you need from this process and make sure you stay focused on getting it.

3. Consider Therapy (For You)

You may have tried therapy as a couple. Now it’s time to consider therapy for your needs. A good therapist can help you stay focused and manage your emotions through this process so that you can attain your goals, minimize negative impact, and move on with your life.

4. Get Comfortable and Remain Confident

The relationship you build with your divorce attorney will become very close. They will learn every detail (the good and the bad) of your marriage so don’t be embarrassed about what you say. Everything said to your attorney will be confidential so you need to be completely open and transparent.

5. Organize Your Thoughts and Prepare Questions

Before you speak to an attorney, take time to write out important questions and concerns. Don’t be fooled by Hollywood scandals or gossip. This is a serious undertaking and you need accurate information in order to make the best decision for you and your family.

6. Important Questions to Ask Yourself

It might seem silly to take the time to write down questions to ask yourself, but this exercise will be extremely helpful in determining how to proceed. This will also give you a path to preparing information for your attorney meeting. Here are some examples:

  • Why do you want to get divorced?
  • How quickly do you want to get divorced?
  • What property do the two of you have, and how do you want to divide it up?
  • Are you going to be seeking maintenance?

7. Understand This Is Not a Final Determination

Meeting with a divorce lawyer is not a final act. You do not need to make a final decision about divorce before contacting at attorney. The whole purpose of reaching out is to explore your options. Keep in mind, your meeting will always be confidential.

8. Prepare to Be Positive

Keeping a positive outlook on the future will not only help you remain focused, confident, and strong during this process, it will also help clarify the objectives you are trying to achieve. Your attorney is working to get you through the present and into a positive future.

9. Don’t Be Afraid to Talk about Money

Good divorce lawyers take their job very seriously. They are passionate about helping people manage tough situations and resolve difficult family matters. Money is not what drives them. So don’t be ashamed or afraid of discussing budget, fees, retainers, and your financial situation.

10. Get Your Advice from a Professional

Friends and family are important for providing your support network but they are not always the best advisors when it comes to divorce and family matters. When the time comes for you to explore legal options you need professional advise from someone who understands your unique situation and has the tools to help you resolve it. Your decision will have an effect on the rest of your life.

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