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Many people facing the emotional stress of a divorce, child custody, or other family law matter don’t realize they have options besides traditional legal recourse, which may include expensive attorney fees and lengthy trials. At Mandas Law, Our Barrington mediators offer a reliable, cost effective way to resolve legal issues without going to court.

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Settling Your Differences with a Trusted Mediator

Mediation is a legal process that can be used as an alternative form of dispute resolution. Through this process, the parties involved work together to determine how they would like to resolve important divorce factors.

Common legal matters our firm can help resolve through mediation include, but are not limited to:

Reach an Amicable Solution Though Family Law Mediation

Compared to the financial and emotional drain of traditional litigation, mediation is a sound alternative to settling divorce, custody, and other family law disputes. Aside from these factors, there are a variety of others that make mediation in Barrington a beneficial alternative divorce solution.

These benefits include:

  1. More Control: Mediation is conducted outside of court with no trials or hearings. This means you are able to control the process and work with all parties involved to create a lasting solution.

  2. Confidential: Since you are not in the courtroom, the entire process can involve as many or little people as you see fit. If you and the other party would prefer to settle matters with just the two of you, your attorneys, and a mediator, you have that privilege.

  3. Save Time & Legal Fees: Reaching a settlement through mediation outside of traditional court can often be done in a shorter period of time. This means that since you are spending less time working through your divorce, you will likely end up spending less money on the entire legal process.

  4. Reduced Impact on Children: Litigated cases involving children including divorce, custody, and visitation are invasive and often create long term animosity and communication issues between parents as well child alienation. The negative impact on parents and children can be permanent. Resolving disputes through mediation provides an amicable and efficient platform, which may reduce long term impact and trauma on children and parents.

  5. Non-Adversarial & Healthy: The use of mediation allows both sides to work cooperatively to determine a resolution that works best for their situations. This can have a positive impact on communication and parenting roles going forward.

What is the Difference Between Mediation & Litigation?

Litigation is the process of taking your case to court where your and the other party's attorney present each side to the judge. This process is usually only initiated if the parties cannot agree on crucial case issues. Mediation, however, is private and does not utilize the services of a judge or court.

Mediation can be as public or private as the parties involved would like the process to be. Some people choose to discuss their issues in a room together with only a mediator and their attorneys present. This legal process is ideal for people who are able to amicably reach decisions together without the interference from an outside third party. If couples cannot reach decisions on all issues presented in mediation, the case is considered contested and must be brought before a judge for resolution.

Role of the Mediator

the role of the mediator is to act as a neutral third party and to do everything necessary to help the parties come to a mutual agreement. They also may act as a convener to assist in contacting each party. they may also act as educators, translators, and catalysts.

Preparation for Divorce Mediation

You have made the choice to work with a mediator for your divorce case since this is your best choice for an amicable split. In order for it to remain amicable and preserve your rights, you need to be prepared. Here are some helpful tips before you begin the mediation process:

  • Organize your financial documents - This will include listing out your assets, bank account statements, and retirement savings. You should also have a list of your debts.

  • Check in on your emotions. This is not the time to be cruel, bring up past indiscretions, or let your emotions run rampant. Try to keep your emotions in check to ensure a positive process.

  • Get prepared to negotiate. This does not mean argue, however. Allow the mediator to help you through the negotiation process.

  • Communicate with the mediator. If you have specific concerns that you don’t want to bring up in front of your current spouse, you can speak with the mediator privately before getting started.

Is Mediation Required For Divorce?

This question largely depends on the issues pertaining to the divorce. The state of Illinois requoires mediation of child custody or visitation disputes arise.

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